Saturday, 20 August 2011

Right now
there are only hapy stories here
There are hapy stories of just 
the two of us (Different from reality)

Is written here
it's slowly filling up
I run towards you
and embrace you
I can't never let you go
from my embrace (I can't, i can't)
The is no such
thing as an end for us

Like this again
I can't end it
I am writing the story that
will nver end in my heart
I will hold on to you
I won't let you go
Even today i'm still in the story of you 
and i that hasn't ended, in fiction

I will say this again
one more time
Right now
you are next to me
I'm believing that

I'm the writer who lost his purpose
The end of this novel, how am i supposed to write it
I <3 u, i <3 u
i <3 u, i <3 u, i love you
I keep writing these 3 word
Setting the warn out
pen on the old paper
stained in tears
This story
can't be hapy or sad

Right now
I'm writing such a hapy story
But it is all
just a wish still
I'm hapy
We are together
Now is the start
There is no end


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  1. i love you adik, i love you so much. i miss you love..